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10 Tips for a Successful Food Drive

  1. Plan ahead.

    - Select a leadership committee to plan your strategy and theme.
    - Determine the length of your food drive.

  2. Set a goal.

    - Determine how many pounds and how much funds you want to collect.

  3.  Arrange food collection barrel delivery and pick-up dates.

    - Request/order collection barrels as soon as possible.

  4.  Get management involved.

    - Encourage executives to show their support by sending emails, voicemails, or letters.
    - Have your company match employee donations, i.e. $1 for each pound of food collected.
    - Set up a day for executives to volunteer at SJFP.
    - Challenge an executive to perform an outrageous activity if your goal is met.

  5. Promote your food drive.

    - Organize a kick-off event to build enthusiasm.
    - Make food drive posters or printed grocery bags.
    - Handout shopping list of most needed foods.
    - Announce weekly or daily totals to staff members.
    - Download SJFP's provided posters and flyers.

  6. Build awareness and visibility.

    - Invite participants to tour and sort food at SJFP.
    - Use paycheck stuffer to remind people about donating.

  7. Make it fun and simple to participate.

    - Place grocery bags at every employee or student desk.
    - Throw an event and charge a can of food for admission.
    - Hold a raffle.

  8. Encourage financial contributions.

    - Set a separate financial goal.
    - Order and distribute SJFP's donation envelopes.

  9. Utilize exciting competitions and creative themes.

    - Have Macaroni Mondays, Tuna Tuesdays, and etc. to encourage specific donations.
    - Encourage departments of classes to challenge each other to a competition.

  10. Celebrate your success!

Outagamie County TSA Department Food Drive/2014

Postal Carrier Food Drive 2015

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