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Board of Directors

Board President

Volunteering on the route gives me a fresh and real perspective on what the experience truly is! I find it gives me a real sense of what hard work and effort it takes to make a difference for others! Seeing how the organization is run in different aspects and being part of other committees for the food pantry is helpful when giving input at the board level. Our organization, staff and volunteers really do an outstanding job each and every day helping those in need!

Board Vice President

As a retired business lawyer, I find great satisfaction in applying my experience and skills to the benefit of St. Joe’s Food Program. I was first motivated to join the Program as a volunteer and Board Member in 2002 after being contacted by a retiring St. Joe’s Board Member who expressed the hope that I would help locate a replacement, preferably a lawyer who would be willing to apply her/his knowledge to the Program’s Board.  Hearing of the breadth and extent of the Food Program’s reach, I was intrigued enough to offer my own services, and my first visit to the Midway Road hub of St. Joe’s high-energy activities rapidly convinced me of the enthusiasm and dedication of not only the St. Joe’s staff, and hundreds of volunteers, but also of the Members of its Board of Directors.  All these years later, I continue to be amazed by the dedication and productivity of the Program and its legions of volunteers.

I value the outdoors and spend time birding, hiking, sailing, golfing, auto touring, and landscaping. Volunteerism is a big part of my life. My service associations are many, including professional, community, health, and other service programs. I very much enjoy being able to volunteer in areas in which I can make a difference in my own unique way.

Board Secretary

St Joseph Food Program provides a great service to our community by addressing food insecurity issues in a healthy, dignified manner.  It is an honor to be part of these efforts.

Board Treasurer

My initial introduction to St Joseph Food Program was almost 2 decades ago when there was a need to have a CPA serve on the board.  It truly was an eye opening experience understanding the program, the impact it has on the Fox Valley, and the efforts that are made to minimize the effects of hunger in the area. 

Over the years, I have seen the program grow both in impact and efficiency as it relates to feeding the hungry.  It is also refreshing to know the support that this community provides to sustain St Joseph Food Program and to assist in impacting the community. 

It is very fulfilling to be a part of the program and all they do to make our community a better place. 

Founder, Emeritus

The volunteers and staff have made St. Joe’s what it is today. For me, it was the Lord guiding me to what he wanted done. So many have done so much! We must always remember that we could not function without the people who donate to this great program.

Board Member

St. Joseph Food Program is a highly-respected and effective organization; I am honored to join its Board of Directors.  I was initially drawn to St. Joe’s because of its mission to fight hunger and sustain hope in the Fox Valley.  I am excited to help fulfill that important mission.  There are many things that impress me about St. Joe’s, most notably the dedication of its volunteers and staff, the efficiency with which the organization is run, and the breadth of the programs offered.   As an educator, I especially appreciate the CHAMP Nutrition Program and the Backpack Food Assistance Program. 

From the numerous helpers to the executive director, all the people who make St. Joe’s so successful embody the six core values of the organization. They are tireless in their efforts to serve those in need.  I look forward to sharing my time and talents to help St. Joe’s continue its faithful service to our community.

Board Member

St. Joseph Food Program is a tremendous example of the Fox Cities Community coming together to meet the basic needs of those less fortunate in our community. It is businesses, donors, staff and volunteers working together to provide food and hope as efficiently and effectively to families and our non profit partners. It has been an honor to serve  as a volunteer and on the Board of Directors of such a high-integrity organization. 

Board Member

St. Joe’s Food Pantry is a great example of what giving back to the community is all about.  The dedication and ownership that the team and the volunteers show is what makes this such a special place.  I came and took a tour and knew when I left that this was something special and that I needed to be a part of.

Board Member

Lori and her husband Dan have lived in Neenah for over 25 years, where they raised their two sons. She spent many years serving as an active volunteer and fund raiser for the many athletic and booster clubs her sons were affiliated with at Neenah High School. With her sons now grown, Lori was looking to become more involved in giving back to her community and really making a personal impact on those less fortunate. After being contacted by a St. Joe’s Staff member and seeing first-hand the many great programs they provide to the community, she immediately realized SJFP was a perfect match for her to share of her time and talent through servant leadership.

Lori is a graduate from Lakeland College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. Lori has 28+ years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in Human Resources and Finance at Fox Valley Companies U.S. Venture and Menasha Corporation. Lori prides herself in working with others to solve problems in both their personal and professional life, while utilizing her business experience to help educate and empower others to make meaningful differences in their lives which lead to better health, happiness, and financial stability. Lori believes “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”[Gandhi]

Board Member

What St. Joseph Food Program does in our community to help children and families in need of food is nothing short of extraordinary.  What is equally impressive is their level of stewardship.  SJFP quietly performs miracles every day with a relatively small, but passionate and hard-working staff, and a legion of dedicated volunteers.  That level of integrity enables them to do more with the resources entrusted to them.  It is a privilege to be involved with such an amazing organization.

Board Member
Board Member

The St. Joseph Food Program personifies the caring spirit to nourish those lacking basic needs in the Fox Valley.  As such, it has become an exemplary nonprofit model that is run by a passionate core staff and hundreds of volunteers distributing over 3.2 million pounds of fresh food and non-perishable items to families and students in need.  Additionally, St. Joe’s is proud to provide outreach to other agencies in the Valley for their food needs and is constantly innovating programs to encourage our community to donate and grow fresh produce.

I have been involved with other pantries that were needed in their community settings and longed to do the same once I moved to the Valley.  It was evident early on as a volunteer how well St. Joe’s is organized and its value to the community.  I am eager to continue serving as a volunteer and honored to be a board member.

Board Member

When I first relocated to the valley many years ago, I learned about St Joseph Food Program through a group volunteer event and I have never been so inspired by a non-profit organization.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind grass root success story that has gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain its core values, remain locally focused, and expand its impact on the community exponentially over nearly 4 decades of servant leadership. 

The passion, dedication, and faith of every volunteer, staff member, and board member to ensure no family in our community goes hungry is truly astonishing.  We each hold the mission dear to our hearts and remain committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity while feeding the community we love.

And selfishly, I can always count on the relationships I’ve built over the years at St Joe’s to remind me of how blessed I am to be a part of it and how much more work we have to do to pay every bit of it forward to our friends and neighbors.

Board Member

St. Joe's is a special place. A place where patrons, volunteers, partners, supporters & staff come together to create something very beautiful for our community.  Serving as a volunteer at St. Joe's has been a privilege, so glad I said "yes" to the invitation years ago. 

Board Member

The impact and scope of the organization's reach in our surrounding community is nothing short of amazing.  This is testament to the quality and dedication of hundreds of donors and volunteers who make it possible for those in our community to receive what many of us take for granted everyday: food and hope.  I look forward to continuing the legacy of St. Joe's with enormous appreciation for the organization's founding members and its many volunteers over the decades.

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