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Our Staff

Executive Director

I am honored to be associated with St. Joseph Food Program. St. Joe’s is an organization that is constantly looking at its operations and programs and working toward improvement. We strive always to do the right thing in the ways we serve our client families, alliance pantries, and outreach partners, always keeping in mind our mission and core values.

Because of the support of local individuals, businesses, churches, schools, and foundations, we are able to provide essential nutrition to those in the community who require food assistance. It brings great joy to me to see the difference that is made in the lives of individuals and families through the service, dedication, and generosity of so many.

Warehouse Lead

I am very excited to be at St. Joe’s each day. Working with all the wonderful volunteers and the staff is a bright spot in my day.  I do not think I could really call it work, it is so fun to be a part of a program that provides Christ like service. I really enjoy the daily activities and the way this program runs like a well-organized plan. The team that I work with has a number one goal to do the best they can for the clients and volunteers and that is very impressive to me. Thanks St. Joe’s Team.

Business Manager

From the first time I stepped foot into St. Joe’s, it’s been a mind blowing experience! I had no idea how large this organization really was or how many individuals there were out there that needed help on a daily basis.  I have now come to the conclusion that the staff and volunteers here are truly the best of the best! It’s inspiring to see the devotion put forth every day to help make a difference, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator

Administrative Manager

St. Joe’s is truly an amazing organization. I have volunteered for many organizations in the past and also worked for a non-profit as a college student and I have never seen so much dedication and passion! I am truly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I am also thankful to know that our volunteers definitely make a difference!

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager I am fortunate enough to work with both our wonderful donors and volunteers who help us in our Mission – as well as – our clients and agencies who benefit from our services.  I am both lucky and amazed to be working for such an outstanding organization filled with people who truly care by sharing their time and efforts.

Director of Marketing and Development

I have spent nearly all of my life here in the Fox Cities. I can honestly say that I am not surprised in the least at the generosity of this amazing community, but I am humbled by it. Individuals, organizations and local businesses giving so freely of their time, gifts and talents for the betterment of this community continuously reminds me of why this will forever be the place my family and I call home. Without the support of the community, St. Joe’s would be unable to serve those in need at some of their most trying times. I am so proud to be a part of the Fox Cities as well as a part of the St. Joe’s family. I feel blessed to come to work everyday because it really isn’t work. It’s purpose, and for that I am grateful.

Volunteer Program Manager

I am continually amazed by the commitment and dedication of our community’s effort to make sure our neighbors’ basic needs are met. The staff here is a talented team of caring professionals, but it’s our tremendous volunteer corps that makes this all possible. I work with individuals, groups, and businesses interested in engaging in our mission. If you’re thinking about volunteering, or wondering what that might look like for you, I encourage you to reach out and discover the possibilities.

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