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The St. Joe’s CHAMP Program was created in 2010 to provide education and services that will meet the nutrition and health needs of all guests at St. Joseph Food Program.


Collaboration is vital in the success of community health improvement programs. Since health encompasses so many aspects of our lives, we believe it is essential to partner with area organizations to provide comprehensive education and services for our clients. Each organization has its own individual focus, which allows us to provide specialized resources we would otherwise not have the background or manpower to provide.


St. Joe’s understands that health is more than just a medical term. Health includes physical, emotional, and mental health as well. How you feel influences every area of your life, and we believe it is important to address all of these areas. Because of this, we are working to develop community partnerships and provide educational resources to help you optimize all areas of health.


Being physically active is linked to improved health and decreased risk of many medical conditions. Unfortunately, many Americans do not participate in nearly enough physical activity. Living an active lifestyle, moving more, and including physical activity as a daily routine.


We understand that making lifestyle changes can be hard. The commitment required to see results can be difficult to maintain alone, which is why we believe it is so important to help our clients stay motivated. St. Joe’s is more than happy to host support group meetings for any type of health concern.


Many of the chronic diseases in America are preventable. Most people would agree they would prefer to prevent a disease from occurring than manage the disease for the rest of their lives. We agree and are committed to providing our clients with resources to help them prevent the onset of chronic disease.


CHAMP Nutrition Classes

* Due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, CHAMP nutrition classes are temporarily suspended. *

CHAMP Recipes

CHAMP Meals are recipes that are distributed to client families once a month and include all the necessary ingredients to prepare that recipe. Our hope is this will encourage a palate for healthy foods and healthy eating habits. CHAMP Meals also provide an opportunity to learn to cook something new.

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