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Volunteer Opportunities

In response to Covid-19, our volunteer program has changed dramatically. See current volunteer needs below.

Thank you for thinking of St. Joe's during this difficult time.

Please note that we are not accepting new volunteers at this time. Once our registered volunteers have the opportunity to return we will examine our needs again and provide an update. More information should be available by June 1st. 

We respectfully ask you not to volunteer if:

  1. All sign-up spots are currently full
  2. You are age 65 or better
  3. You, or anyone you've been in contact with, are sick or have a fever
  4. You have returned from travel within the last 14 days

We know you want to help, but please:

  1. Do not bring additional people with you to volunteer.
  2. Do not share our signup with people who are not already registered volunteers at St. Joe's.

Volunteers are currently helping in the following roles:

Pack the bags that will go to clients and moving product throughout the building for distribution. This is very physical work with lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.
8 AM to 11:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
4:30 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday evenings


Greet cars as they enter and directing traffic appropriately. This work is outdoors, generally standing, and requires provided training for knowledge of our client intake program. You may need to communicate loudly to clients through car windows.
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
4:45 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday evenings

Curbside Sign-In
Sign clients in using our intake program. This work is outdoors, generally standing, and requires use of provided technology. You may need to communicate loudly to clients through car windows.
8:45 AM to 11:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
4:45 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday evenings

Curbside Distribution:
Following our protocols for physical distancing, these volunteers put bags of food items into the trunks of vehicles. This work is outdoors and involves frequent lifting. You may need to communicate loudly to clients through car windows.
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
4:45 PM to 6:00 PM on Monday evenings

Truck Helpers
Ride in our trucks to pick up donations from throughout the community. This is physical work both outdoors and indoors and involves frequent lifting.
6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, Monday through Saturday


If you are interested in helping in any of these capacities, please complete our application which can be found HERE.

We will ask you to review and agree to our volunteer policies which will be emailed to you. Once that it is complete, you will be given access to our volunteer signup.

We will only accept volunteers who have a slot in our signup. If all slots are full, you’ll want to check another day or volunteer activity.

Thank you for your interest in helping your community during this challenging time!

Position Descriptions:

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we are not recruiting for the following positions.

There may not be current availability for all jobs.

Agency Packing – Pack food items for outside agencies. Follow packing lists for appropriate items and quantities. Help in other areas when packing is complete. Must be able to stand, walk, lift, push and pull.

Backpack Packing – Following packing lists, pack appropriate items and quantities for our Backpack Program. Help in other areas when packing is complete. Must be able to stand, walk, lift, push and pull.

Carts – Responsible for providing clients with carts; insuring that carts get returned to the building; count cart inventory at the beginning and end of the day; and storing carts at the end of the shift. The Carts Volunteer should be able to stand, push, pull and duck under low entrance.

Communications Volunteer – Assist the volunteer coordinator with volunteer-driven communications including digital message boards, email and print newsletters, mailings, Facebook, etc.

Food Sampling – Prepare and serve the provided CHAMP recipe to clients in St. Joe’s lobby. Samples will be prepared at home and served during the 3rd week of each month. All ingredients are provided. Safe cooking skills, public speaking skills and a desire to work directly with our clients are required.

Data Entry – Enter volunteers hours into our database. As many or as few hours as you’d like to offer. Flexible morning schedule between 8 AM and Noon, Monday through Friday.

Distributor – Distribute food directly to clients. Basic math skills and good people skills required.

Donation Attendant - Be available to assist donors, visitors, or volunteers who enter at the donation entrance.

Indoor Farm Lead - Work with other volunteers to facilitate the function of the hydroponic growing units.

Indoor Farmer - Clean, plant and harvest hydroponic growing units

Interviewer – Meet with clients to determine eligibility for our program. This person should enjoy working directly with our clients, have good computer skills, and should be able to follow program guidelines.

Numbers – Greet clients as they arrive. Check client card and identification. Answer program questions and work closely with interviewers and staff to ensure proper program implementation. This position is for people who enjoy working directly with our clients and can work well in some stressful situations.

Operations Assistant – Help Operations Manager with daily duties including cutting cardboard, assist in-kind donors, clean-up of distribution area and set-up for the next day. May fill in for sorting or distribution.  Frequent lifting may be involved. 

Receptionist – Answer the phone, direct calls appropriately, and share program information. Assist staff members with clerical duties. Cover for Recorder as needed.

Recorder – Sign clients into our computer program and prints food tickets for clients. Answers program questions. Covers for Receptionist as needed. Basic computer skills preferred.

Scale – Assist volunteers with weighing their carts before leaving and ensuring the scale is correctly calibrated. May sit or stand, but should be able to read digital scale.

Sorter – Prepare donated food for distribution by sorting and sometimes repackaging items. The ability to lift is preferred.

Stocker – Keep a supply of food available for distribution. Move items from sorting area to counter and get items from freezer or cooler. May help unload trucks, and sort donations as needed. This position includes frequent lifting.

Substitute – We are currently looking for individuals to be contacted on an as needed basis. Volunteers might be asked to do a variety of tasks including distributing food to clients, sorting food donations, or stocking staple items. If interested please fill out our online application and mention this position in the notes.

Truck Driver/Helper – Ride in the infamous St. Joe’s trucks picking up food donations at grocery stores, churches, etc. Most routes consist of a driver and two helpers. Load and unload the truck, and complete daily pick-up sheet. This job includes frequent lifting. Should enjoy working with the public as contacts are made at each stop. No special license is required, but knowledge of trucks is helpful. Truck volunteers must be 18 years old. 

Warehouse Assistant - Help Warehouse Manager with daily duties including moving products in and out of the warehouse, assisting with donations, or filling in for distribution. You may be doing something different each shift. Should be able to lift and the ability to use a pallet jack is a plus. 

If you would like any additional information, please contact Leah Thibodeau at 920-734-9461, ext. 313 or

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